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Damaging Sleep Myths Debunked!

Posted Wednesday 17th April 2019

According to the news this week, there is the potential that widely believed myths are damaging both our mood and our health, and not really helping with our sleep at all.

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Stem Cell Treatment Labels Patients HIV ‘Undetectable’

Posted Wednesday 6th March 2019

HIV in a UK London patient has been labelled ‘undetectable’ after a stem cell transplant was carried out.

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Improved & Faster Sepsis Test Could Save Lives

Posted Tuesday 19th February 2019

Researchers at the University of Strathclyde have developed a new test to provide an earlier diagnosis of sepsis. The researchers believe the test could potentially save the lives of thousands.

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'Social Prescribers' to Support GP’s with Workloads

Posted Monday 28th January 2019

NHS England plans are set to introduce more specialist ‘link workers’ trained to prescribe social activities to GP patients who don’t require medication in tablet form.

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NHS Offering 800-Calorie Diet to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Posted Friday 30th November 2018

The NHS is set to introduce an 800-calorie per day diet to reverse type 2 diabetes as part of a ‘pilot’ scheme.

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Top Dr Says Don’t Believe Vaccine Myths Online

Posted Friday 2nd November 2018

England’s Top Doctor, Professor Dame Sally Davies has stated that those people who believe myths regarding vaccines by anti-vaccine campaigners are “absolutely wrong.”

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Millions of Women Missing Smear Test Appointments

Posted Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Figures have shown that around three million women living within England have not attended an appointment for a smear test for at least three and a half years.

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New Inquiry into NHS Contaminated Blood Scandal Begins

Posted Tuesday 25th September 2018

A public inquiry is now underway to identify why thousands of NHS patients were given infected blood products.

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Baby Deaths Review Increases to Over 100 Cases at Shropshire Hospitals

Posted Friday 21st September 2018

It is believed that a review into incidents of mother and baby deaths and injuries within Shropshire hospitals is now looking at over 100 cases.

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Type 2 Diabetes Rises Amongst Young People in England and Wales

Posted Monday 20th August 2018

In just four years the number of children and young people receiving medical treatment for Type 2 Diabetes in England and Wales has significantly rose to 715 from 507.

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England’s Bowel Cancer Screening to Begin 10 Years Earlier

Posted Monday 13th August 2018

Public Health England has announced that Bowel Cancer Screening will now begin 10 years earlier than it currently does.

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Study Finds Seeing Same Doctor Reduces Death Rates

Posted Friday 29th June 2018

A study carried out by Researches at the University of Exeter has suggested that Patients who see the same Doctor when attending appointments have lower death rates.

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Prescribed Painkillers ‘Shortened 456 Lives’ at Gosport Hospital

Posted Wednesday 20th June 2018

A report has found that over 450 patients died at Gosport War Memorial Hospital after being given powerful painkillers that were not clinically justified.

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New Therapy Cures Terminal Breast Cancer

Posted Wednesday 6th June 2018

US researchers have announced that the life of a terminally ill breast cancer patient has been saved thanks to a ‘pioneering new therapy.’

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Emergency Hospital Readmissions Rise Despite Being Preventable

Posted Friday 1st June 2018

Research from the Nuffield Trust has shown that increasing numbers of patients are finding themselves readmitted to hospital in England with conditions that are preventable, such as pressure sores and pneumonia.

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Regular Exercise Can Reverse Ageing Process of Heart and Arteries

Posted Monday 21st May 2018

Researchers have completed a study which has shown that regular exercise of four or five times a week is required to prevent the main heart arteries from ‘stiffening up.’

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NHS Outsourcing Could Have Caused Harm to Patients

Posted Friday 18th May 2018

A report from the National Audit Office has stated that patients could have found themselves at risk of harm due to the outsourcing of NHS services in England.

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Nursing and Midwifery Council Criticised Over Furness Hospital Deaths

Posted Wednesday 16th May 2018

The Midwifery regulator has been criticised for taking ‘too long’ to take action when concerns were raised about midwives at Furness General Hospital in Barrow, Cumbria.

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Majority of Public Concerned Over NHS Nurse Staffing Numbers

Posted Monday 14th May 2018

A survey carried out by YouGov for the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) showed that three in four people are concerned there are not enough nursing staff to efficiently care for NHS patients.

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450,000 Women Not Invited for NHS Breast Screening

Posted Friday 4th May 2018

Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has said that as many as 270 women in England may have died due to not receiving an invitation to a final routine breast cancer screening.

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